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Ideas and concepts

We participate to functional workshops to alert on feasability, complexity, propose alternatives and ideas.

Designs & interfaces

We love connecting systems. A good integration including monitoring, easy fixing and fallback options.

Coding & development

Careful attention to detail and clean, well structured code ensures a smooth user experience for all your visitors.

Dedicated support

Same team as developpment, we don't loose time reexplaining the context. We go straight to the point.

About Us

More than 10 years of deep experience on Hybris and SAP commerce cloud, we are proud of our achievements and all the challenges we have won.

With a human sized team of carefully selected and formed members, sharing same passions and entertaining friendly relationship. We have the possibility to provide you the same team for as long as you want.

We can easily scale to meet an urgent need or a drop in activity. We are expert on SAP commerce cloud but also in all that can refer to it, such as Cloud architecture, performance, CDN and caching, Talend integration, SAP ERP integration, latest frontend technologies...

Our Works

Want to do more

We are always open to interesting projects.

Our Expertises

SAP Commerce Cloud
  • Thank you for guiding us through all the technical constraints that this challenge represented for an organization like ours and, more personally, for supporting me (in every sense of the word!) on this great adventure.
    Stephane Blaison
    ArcelorMittal AMDS, CIO
  • It's been very nice working with you. Your positive approach and your attention to detail make a real difference in everything you do.
    Santosh Kokitkar
    Saint-Gobain, Front developper
  • Always listening to us with fantastic expertise. Many thanks for that.
    Jean-Baptiste Courtier
    ArcelorMittal AMDS, Head of South Area

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Palmarius Sasu
8 bis rue Abel
75012, Paris

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Email: nadhem.baazaoui@palmarius.org
Phone: +33 6 23 47 79 56